Integration order
Automatic distribution of users in Service involves integration with analytics and tracking systems. Currently, integration with Amplitude and Appsflyer has been implemented.

Service integration involves the transfer of Amplitude UserId and/or appsflyerId user identifiers. For Proba SDK to work correctly, certain user identifiers must be transmitted, i.e., Proba SDK initialization must occur after the analytical systems are initialized.

If other analytics or tracking systems are used additionally, Proba SDK initialization occurs after these systems are initialized and the user ID is subsequently defined or redefined.

This order of initialization is necessary for the correct comparison of users and further work with experimental statistics. Below is a possible initialization order where AppHud subscription tracking service is used as an additional system.

The initialization order of the AppHud, AppsFlyer and Amplitude bundle:
  • AppsFlyer initialization
  • AppHud initialization
  • Amplitude initialization
  • Redefining User ID between Apphud and Amplitude
  • Proba SDK initialization
  • Transfers a redefined user ID.

Please note that the server will not be able to process user data if the initialization order is not set correctly.